Kit contents: Sensor housing, aluminium hat, front plate, and screws
Aluminium hat close-up 1
Aluminium hat close-up 2
Sensor housing circuit board
Sensor installed into cougar throttle
Sensor installed into cougar throttle - closeup
Sensor installed into cougar throttle - front view

Force sensor TDC slew upgrade for TM Cougar Throttle

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A complete, drop in and plug and play replacement for the original Thrustmaster Cougar throttle radar cursor TDC.

Uses our new miniature 2 axis force sensor module, completely designed and manufactured by us in the UK.

Includes a depress push-button, with genuine Omron microswitch.

Using semiconductor strain gauge technology just like the real F-16 throttle slew sensor, to measure thumb stick force rather than displacement, giving much finer feel and control compared to an Xbox style thumbstick.

The smaller force sensor has allowed us to rotate the axes 25 degrees forward, to position them correctly compared to the real throttle. When the throttle is at its middle position, the Y axis is now straight up and down, and the X axis straight back and forward, as indicated by the 4 small cutouts on the front plate edge.

With only high quality CNC machined and injection molded plastic and aluminium parts.

No drilling, soldering or extra USB cables. Only a recalibration is required after installation.

Please read the install instructions before purchase.

Note for customers with custom or modified throttle control electronics: Due to the strain gauge system, the total output axis voltage swing is less than the original thumbstick. This requires a recalibration but is fully compatible with the original throttle electronics, and most aftermarket solution such as Real Simulator TUSBA. However, if you have modified your throttle with other custom electronics, please make sure they can be recalibrated to allow less voltage swing on the slew axes. Please contact us if you have any questions.